September 26, 2009

9-26-09 Dick Wick Hall Parade (Salome AZ.)

  I invited some friends to ride with me in the annual Dick Wick Hall Parade Septemner 26th and there was a good turn out. Eight riders showed up around 1:00. The parade was scheduled to start at 3:00. One had a tire peel on their horse trailer on their way but luckily they got the spare on and had no further complications.

  I was really looking forward to this because there hasn't been horses in this parade for a few years and even than there was just 2 or 3.

      Our entry was as a group..
               "Outlaw Women of The West"

  Here they come all ready and headed to the staging area...  
   The day went by fast until we got to the staging area. Than it seemed like we waited forever! Over an hour, and it was HOT out !
I really wish they would do this in October.
I felt bad about that for the people who drove all the way out here for this but they were all real troopers in spite of the heat. A couple came all the way from Laveen!!


  It was a very small parade- I think more people were IN it than were watching it! That was a good thing in Mocha's case being his first parade. I think it was someone elses first as well.



 At first I was going to  lead him in it just to be on the safe side. But he wasn't acting up or anything so I bit the bullet and climbed on. And he did great! He was a little inpatient about standing in the heat and wouldn't be still but otherwise didn't give me any trouble.

Oh and by the way!!! 

We won 
the Judges Choice Award!!!!