April 22, 2009

April 22nd Box Canyon AGAIN!

The ride we did here on April 17th
just wasn't enough to get Box Canyon in Wickenburg out of my syst
em so I posted a planned ride again for Wednesday the 22nd of April on AZ Back Country Riders Dot Com.
What a neat bunch the members are on that site! Can go for a trail ride and make new friends almost anywhere in Arizona. Just have to cash in enough cans for enough gas money!...

We met at the parking area about 9 am and headed out by 9:30. Mocha had been there the week before so was more relaxed and it was a pleasant ride.

The forecast was calling for low 90's temps so only 2 members showed up.

One of them (in the green shirt) is local so I can count on her to join me just about anytime I want to ride in the Wickenburg area. The other on the elegant bay (the woman with the soccer ball on her head - Lol) traveled from 2 hours away ! She had never been to Box Canyon before
and was not disappointed one bit~
Will have to do this again!!

We rode a little farther up the river than we had the 17th. Found a nice shady spot to rest and munch on snacks.

We didn't stay long before turning back. Was a good ride with no mishaps and I was even back at home by 2 PM.

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