December 18, 2009

Salome Back Hills Wednesday's Ride (12-16)



   Genevieve (a new AZBCR member) and her boyfriend Ray trailered out from Aguila and Lori (another AZBCR member) trailered from Tonopah. They all arrived early so we were on the trail by 9:45!
    The weather was beautiful , it was perfect in the low 70's!  Couldn't have asked for a nicer day. And once we got in the mountains the view was great. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

  We started out following the yellow highlighted trail and took the orange highlighted loop back.
I am glad I  printed the map because there were several roads off of the one we were following and without the map I wouldn't have been able to guess which roads we needed to take just by memory.

    We want to go out there again now that we have an idea of the time it takes. There were several washes and other loops we want to explore. The one highlighted in green is a steep climb but I'll bet there are some pretty views up there. And with the GPS we can do a little wandering off the trail without having to worry about getting lost.


  This is Genevieve and Buddy. Buddy is a rescue horse that a friend of mine had given to her after rehabilitating him for almost 2 years. The market is so bad now it is difficult to sell even a broke registered horse just because it's a little up in age. Can you tell how happy he has made her?
 This is Ray and _____. This is another rescue they purchased for a very good price about 3 months ago. This horse was kept in small quarters for 2 years . The original  owners didn't know how to train her so she was neglected. Finally they sold her because they couldn't handle her. She was a little ornery at times but otherwise did very well considering her past.







 This is my friend Lori (on her mare JJ).  Lori had invited me to a trail ride back in February of this year. That was my very first group trail ride with Mocha.

We covered about 7 miles. Got back to the trailers by 2:00. We could have ridden another two hours but the horses aren't conditioned enough yet to push them much farther especially with all the hill climbing.

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