December 7, 2009

Salome Desert Ride

My friend Lori and I went for a short trail ride in the desert in spite of the *34 "chilly" morning.


     I wore layers so once we got moving I wasn't cold at all.
     Mocha was a bit of a pill at first but settled down within the first mile. We started from my house so we didn't drive the first 2 miles to the end of the road to the edge of the desert even tho it would have given us more trail time. Next week we will meet at the end of the road and spend more time riding in the desert.
   I have been wanting to ride out there for  3 YEARS but I won't
go alone so I am happy that there is finally someone who will come out  to join me. 

I didn't take my camera out until after lunch but Lori took some pictures on the way there.

   There is a long flat road for almost 2 miles before you get there than once you get into the mountains there is a lot of scenery to take in. There are many "trails" to choose from and several make a loop.

    There are several mines up there so have to watch out for hidden vertical mine shafts . Have to keep your distance from the cholla too, it can get ugly if you bump into one of those! Also because of the cholla you wouldn't want to bring a dog. They are a Bi*%h to pull out.

   We took a side trail off the main 4x4 road just to explore. I hadn't been on that one before. It went about a quarter mile to a dead end. We decided to have lunch there.
After lunch we had to head back so Lori could be on the road by 3:30 and be home before dark.

Lori enjoyed the scenery and said she wanted to do it again sometime soon. I had canceled driving the Transit Wednesday (Dec 16th) because ridership has been slow during the holidays so we planed to do our next ride than . We are hoping some "AZBCR" members will join us. We are planning 2 more rides in January.

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